Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pleiadean Tarots reading about Disclosure and Basiago time-jumping future.

The rules and symbolism of the Pleiadean Tarot are a challenge to the seekers but in these cryptic readings we will always find the Truth. Here is what the Pleiadean Tarots tells us about Disclosure and Basiago time-jumping future.

The Pessimistic Sculptor
The card depicts a fanatical old man. It has a forest green border. It is associated with communication, a case of mistaken identity, a defeat, and a certain profession. Inverted, it represents light, and a challenge. The card has a burnt corner. The back is grey-blue with musical notes and a fist designed with interlocking shapes. It has a border of faces. Many faces of course but…are all these true faces or just masks???

The Mother of Chests
The card depicts a pudgy woman and a winking eye. It is associated with a reconciliation, empathy, compassion, inspiration, and magical abilities. Inverted, it represents a deception, psychic healing, a certain animal, a reunion, and a mystery. The card is missing one corner. The back is blue-violet with a rapier and a road. It has a pale gold border. Do not try to find the treasure, because before you must solve the mystery and practice compassion.

The Beautiful Wizard
The card depicts a pudgy adult. It is associated with balance, strength, a mystery, and a fall. Inverted, it represents a period of severe weather, a detour, and a romance. The card has a small bloodstain. The back is olive with a lion and a quarter Moon with radial symmetry. It has a scarlet border. Symmetry and the Moon, obviously the chosen path is Female, secret and Dionysian.

The Penitent Thief
The card depicts a tall, terrible girl with fiery red hair in a forest. It has a border of trees. It is associated with a malfunction, a dire deed, and fertility. Inverted, it represents an act of kindness, a parting of ways, joy, and creativity. The card has ragged edges. The back is dark yellow. She protects the real secret, because she is the Lady of the Twilight Garden.  The shadows will remain and there will be no revelation.

The Three of Quills
The card depicts a devout man with an interesting tattoo and silver hair during a rainstorm. It is associated with a certain historical figure, a recovery, intuition, luck, and an introduction. Inverted, it represents an injury, and willpower. The card is badly water damaged. The back is grey-blue with a woman and a demon designed with repeated shapes. It has a border of faces. The whole thing of the time and space jump is controlled by the Illuminati.

The Ace of Javalins
The card depicts a youth on a hill. It has a border of trees. It is associated with a certain profession, a specific bloodline, and charisma. Inverted, it represents chaos, a discovery, warding, and a fight. The card is an odd shape. The back is dark brown on beige with a mountain and a bell in an asymmetrical pattern. The chaos is inevitable because there will be more and more people telling their own stories about time-travel. In the end, the whole thing will be meaningless and Andy Basiago will try to rebuild his career as a lawyer. (after his fantasies it will not be easy for the “chrononaut” to go back to the real world.

The Princess of Humility
The card depicts a thin, restless youth with a small scar and a lanky, skillfull woman with violet eyes. It has an elaborate border. It is associated with fertility, lust, and a change of direction. Inverted, it represents confidence, and fear. The card is obviously quite old. The back is yellow-orange with dice and a woman. It has an elaborate border. The meaning is obvious: Alfred Webre and Andy Basiago must tell the truth now, before it’s too late.

The Mage of Drums
The card depicts a crazy adult. It is associated with optimism, romance, calm, and magical abilities. Inverted, it represents a change in plans, and fortitude. The card feels cool to the touch. The back is grey on umber with daggers and a rowan tree. Well, well, a crazy adult who stops his/her frenzy and repents.
These crazy adults forget about the whole time-travel and Pegasus thing and practice some Zen

The Jack of Amethysts
The card depicts a very short, clever girl and waves. It is associated with love, and protection. Inverted, it represents darkness, divine love, a takeover, and prosperity. The card is unusually thick. The back is bronze with a banjo within a square. This clever girls in Angelika, wife of Dr. Michael Salla. The reading tells us that she will ask the dolphins for guidance.