Sunday, May 20, 2012

Richard Boylan: the show must go on.

Richard Boylan, the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth, insists in finding "secrets" and conspiracies.

As usual in the rarified world of the UFO=ET subculture,  the man who lost his therapeutic licenses for abuses to female patients,( tries to "poison the well", a well known fallacy, with his aggressive rhetoric.

Since nothing happens and the Star Nations remain inside the imagination of Dr Hot Tube, he promises now some big events in 2017..! . He writes: "After this year it will be more of a lightworkers' mopping-up operation of the Cabal remnants. And by the end of 2016 the Cabal will be essentially finished. Come 2017, everyone stock a bottle of champagne. We'll have something to toast!"

Of course the ET never come to the appointment. In other words, the fans will be waiting a few years more…




    As some will remember when I addresses that bogus "White House statement"(sic) a number of weeks ago, it actually came from a Cabal infiltrator within some low-level office that does interface between a (Cabal-infiltrated) intelligence office and the White House, and not from the White House itself.

    Thus that part of the Yahoo reporter's story is incorrect.

    At most, that statement was some low-level government office employee's opinion, (although we know he was Cabal-tasked to put out that disinforming propaganda as "fact".)

    One of the Cabal's standard "proofs" that "there are no 'aliens' here" is the enormous distances between stars.

    Such "proof" is absurd, because the frequent presence of Star Visitors here (some for centuries, as for example, the Saami, and the Tall Whites) ipso facto establishes that intelligent life can travel from other stars to Earth. Because it has.

    Our primitive science is starting to understand how some star civilizations may conduct such travel.

    For example by "jumping" through hyperspace, by taking "short-cuts" utilizing worm-holes, or by riding gravity waves (which travel many thousands of times the speed of light.)

    So, let's not let that little tempest-in-a-teapot Yahoo sidebar distract from President Obama's very telling statement: "'I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials, but I can tell you if there had been a top-secret meeting and if there would have had to have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room.'"

    Carefully parsed, what his statement implies are the following:

    - Obama cannot deny that Star Visitors exist;   [especially since he's an Experiencer. :-)  ]

    - Any discussion about "extraterrestrials" is top secret. Such a high security designation is not affixed to talk about the theoretical existence of intelligent life in some far-off corner of the galaxy.

    - White House discussion about Star Visitors [such as briefing reports from the National Security Council's Special Studies Group designated to deal with Star Visitor relations] are so sensitive that they only take place in the super-secure Situation Room beneath the White House.

    When you peel apart the President's carefully-chosen words, he has said quite a mouthful."


     in the light,


     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


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