Monday, May 28, 2012

Mutant Memes in U.F.O. subculture-Tomas Scolarici

As we wrote previously, the UFO subculture leaders fight against an apparently invincible enemy: the  Nothing Happens Syndrome.
Usually the professional ufologists and self-promoters are forced to confront this total lack of events if they want to keep the believers interested in the UFO-are-extraterrestrial hypothesis.
The self proclaimed Exopoliticians, contactees, Councilors of Earth, time-travelers and Experts in Universal Legislation have indeed some basic rhetorical instruments to perform this trick.
Let me give you some samples:
The Cover-Up myth is one of these instruments for the preservation of the ET mythology.
IF there is a massive conspiracy for keeping the ET-UFO secret, the UFO mythologist can say and write absolutely what he/she wants. If evidences are demanded, he will evade the demand making the Cover Up responsible for the lack of evidences.
Obviously, is someone asks for evidences about the Cover Up itself, they will either call you a debunker in a blatant ad hominem fallacy,  or they will close the discussion adducing that because of the cover up, there are no evidences of the cover-up.
However, this giant cover up will give the UFO=ET mythologist new possibilities of deception. They will create imaginary whistle-blowers keeping the true believers convinced that the cover up is a fact.
However, the Contactees and UFO pundits must give the impression that they know the truth about the extraterrestrial presence in our planet.
For this, they will produce massive rhetorical nonsense presented as truth, and utilize the advice of the Infamous Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels: "If you repeat a lie one hundred times, that lie will become true..."
The presumed meeting of President Eisenhower with Extraterrestrials is a good example of this:
Dr. Michael Salla claims that President Eisenhower "met with two ETs with white hair, pale blue eyes and colorless lips," referred by alien enthusiasts as "Nordics."
He told the Washington Post that "The "Nordics" offered to share their superior technology and their spiritual wisdom with Ike if he would agree to eliminate America's nuclear weapons." Salla says the President declined the offer. He also told to his interviewer that President Eisenhower had agreed with another race of aliens that they could take livestock and humans with them for the purposes of experiments. He estimated that those aliens had taken "millions" of humans.
Michael Salla admitted to the Washington Post that the evidence supporting his claims about the existence of aliens was found by him "on the internet."

The absolute absence of evidences was not an obstacle for the Eisenhower-Aliens Meme. If you read posts or messages from some UFO fans, you will find that they talk about this pseudo-event with a total acceptance. The lie repeated one hundred times becomes true.
But I want to talk about those mutant memes, because this phenomenon shows the power of the Nothing Happens Syndrome.
First the obvious: the aliens are invisible. 94 % of the Unidentified Flying Objects are in fact identified as natural phenomena or man-made artifacts. The other 6% in any way is confirmation of intelligent extraterrestrial crafts.  That 6 % remains unidentified.
However the Exo-mythologists imposed the irrational identification UFO = Extraterrestrial Crafts.  

Not even this falsification is enough. The good aliens coming here to help us, becomes soon unbelievable. We must be complete ignorant  to believe that this advanced visitors come just to whisper in the ear of contactees the well known blend of New Age rhetoric and Sunday Morning Religion.
Here we have the rationale of the mutation. It becomes necessary to create bad aliens and powerful ones, and our Exopoliticians created the imaginary military-alien-industrial complex.
Thanks to  this  inexistent organization, Exopoliticians and other Irrational fantasists will be able to write non-sense, describe secret wars between good and bad aliens, and justify the absence of evidence and keep the UFO subculture alive.

However this mutant memes produce contradictory statements that show clearly that Exofantasists contradict themselves each one have his own mythology. This is obviously the evidence that all of them are talking about imaginary entities that have nothing to do with the real world. 
The spectacle becomes pathetic when Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, denies what Alfred Webre, expert in Universal Government Legislation says. Both will soon fight against Michael Salla who teaches Galactic Diplomacy.
But…are we talking about adults here? Yes, these fantasists selling the most ridiculous fiction as fact are adults.
Motivations? We can suggest some: The Ego Trip in border-line personalities that crave for some "popularity" is a motivation. Commercialism is the second one, with individuals trying to make a living selling these fictions. Personally, I do not believe in any deliberate manipulation of disinformation.
Of course, in some cases we must consider Insanity.

What will be the future of Irrational Ufology?. I think that Ufology will become religion.
Why? Because religion works through faith, not reason.
The inexistent ET will become also inexistent gods or angels. UFO fantasists will become the preachers of the new Religion.
Doubts and questions, of course, will become sins.
More important, the real thing, the coming will be a promise, as the Second Coming of Christ.
UFO fans will pray and wait just wait. Perhaps Salla, Webre, Boylan and Greer will write a new Sacred Book; the ET Bible.
We, rational ufologists, will be condemned as heretics.

Tomas Scolarici

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