Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Politics of Zombification

A mess indeed, and a blind mass going to war if the powers that be decide to go into the big weapons sales business.
Each one telling his own lie, a contribution to the symphonic HOAX.
And  you are going to vote in the following elections? Of course you believe in the lesser evil value. NOT TRUE.
Let me tell you this: what the apparatus cannot tolerate is emptiness. True revolution is to remain at home. (You Choose, you lose...always.)
You see, billionaires, politicians, Commanders in Chiefs...they do not go to war. They just send others to war. They are into selling weapons, and getting money from the lobbies, and buying ghostwriters for their biographies.
(No, I don't know who cares about their lives. There are much better things to do.)
So, we are either inside the show, legalizing the hoax, or we put ourselves out.
So, on elections day, remain at home. Say NO with your absence, and do not go into the poisonous game of the "lesser evil."
There is no lesser evil. A few get more and more money, and the people less and less. The lesser evil is the alternative mask. Evil is greed, destruction of the environment, hunger, wars. That's what vote is all about. The perpetuation of privilege, greed, hunger, wars.