Tuesday, September 30, 2014


1). Theodore Herzl, who is credited with being the father of Zionism was a secular Jew with no rabbinical training or background. 2). He had no political, or religious authority to interpret Jewish law, nor did he have the authority to create any new laws or introduce any innovations to Jewish law or tradition such as the creation of a Jewish homeland, or the existence of a Jewish nationality or people.

If Jewish researchers such as Shlomo Sands and others are revealing the truth about the Zionist hoax that led to
the establishment of Israel in Palestine and understand the importance of these facts in respect to peace, why is it that Muslim and Arab researchers are not addressing these issues? The liberation of the land is difficult because the hearts and minds of the world must be free from guilt, which is the effects of the century old Zionist myth of an historic Jewish people and homeland in Palestine.