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Fwd: Awakening in Germany, JDL France exports Israeli terror

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Subject: Awakening in Germany, JDL France exports Israeli terror

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1. JDL France: Exporting Israeli Aggression (must watch)

Jewish terrorism at your doorstep - We are all Palestinians


2. Hebrew U students walk out of Sayed Kashua graduation speech


Hebrew University Jerusalem. Students and family members walked out of the graduation ceremony during the speech of Palestinian author and commentator Sayed Kashua.

Students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem angrily walked out during a graduation ceremony speech by Palestinian author and commentator Sayed Kashua, claiming he referred to last week's kidnapping of three settlers in an inappropriate way that hurt their feelings.

Students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and family members walked out of their graduation ceremony last Thursday during the speech of Palestinian author and commentator Sayed Kashua. The students told the Israeli news portal ynet that Kashua referred to last week's kidnapping of three teenage settlers in a manner that hurt their feelings and which was inappropriate for the occasion.

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3. Awakening in Germany (must watch)

They are talking about banking and the Federal Reserve, but the German media tags them as 'Nazis' and 'anti Semites.' Ask yourself why ...

4. Controlling the Opposition..

Final paragraph,  Nathan Thrall's Whose Palestine? (New York Review of Books)

The larger question is how long the West Bank status quo will last. No successful national liberation movement has depended so heavily—in the realms of finance, security, diplomacy, and mediation—on the closest ally of its occupier. US funding to the Palestinians is an obstacle to, or excuse for refraining from, just about every means of leverage against Israel that Palestinians might employ. For the Ramallah leadership, maintaining strong ties with the US means it cannot encourage popular protests in the West Bank, cannot limit cooperation on security when Israel invades areas ostensibly under Palestinian Authority control, cannot attempt to join a number of UN agencies and international institutions, cannot grant political freedoms to non-militants in Hamas, cannot meaningfully share power with Hamas in the PLO, and, not least, cannot allow real democracy in Palestine.

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7. Ed Miliband - A Shameless Zionist In Our Midst

Ed Miliband speech to Labour Friends of Israel

Introduction By Gilad Atzmon:

Yesterday, a poll indicated that half of the British voters figure that "Ed Miliband should be dumped as Labour leader before the next general election."

Some 49 per cent think that Miliband should be replaced - including 43 per cent of Labour supporters.  It is hard to imagine, but Miliband is even less popular than Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg who managed to alienate just 44% of the voters.

As the Brits were expressing their disapproval of 'Red Ed' and his clumsy politics, the Labour leader found the time to socialise with the Jewish Lobby. The following is Ed Miliband's speech to LFI (Labour Friends Of Israel), the same Zionist Lobby group that funded Blair's government as it drove Britain into a criminal war in Iraq.

In his speech, Ed Miliband affirms his deep Zionist affiliation. The verdict on his reign is clear, Miliband should never have been the leader of a major British political party. He would have been better suited for a position as a local Rabbi or a part time job as an Israeli consular.

On the current events in Palestine, the Jewish Labour leader says,

"I am sure all of our thoughts today are with the 3 kidnapped Israeli teenagers, Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrach and their families. We all profoundly hope for their speedy and safe return." 

For whatever reason, the Labour leader fails to share his sympathies with thethousands of Palestinians who have been  kidnapped by the Jewish State and have been rotting  in Israeli jails for decades. It hasn't been clearly established that the 3 Israeli settler teenagers were abducted. As time has passed, more and more analysts believe that the recent affair may be another Israeli false flag operation. Remember that the Mossad's motto is 'By Way of Deception.' As we review the available evidence, we see that the 'kidnap' provides Israel with an opportunity to hit hard at Palestinian civilians and leadership.

It doesn't take long for the Labour leader's speech to exhibit the complete panoply of Jewish tribal commitment. He reminds the Lobby that he speaks as

"a Jew, as a (Jewish) son, a (Jewish) grandson and a (Jewish) father."

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8. Time Monk Radio: Exposing The Jewish Shtick (many new ideas)

Atzmon discusses topics related to his next book. Jewish left being a controlled opposition front, Chomsky & Dershowitz being Good Cop Bad Cop, The Bell Curve, Kevin MacDonald, the building of Jewish cognitive elite and much more...  

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity politics and Jewish Power in particular - available on  &

9. Teaching Hasbara a Lesson  (must watch)

17a_debating_icon.jpgYesterday on Press TV's The Debate, I confronted Lee Kaplan - a uniquely pathetic Hasbara mouthpiece.  By the time the debate was over, not much was left out of Israel's argument or Kaplan's dignity.   


10. On Jewish Blood Rituals 

Metzitzah b'peh Chabad closeupOutside The Box - Jason Liosatos with Gilad Atzmon

Jason Liosatos  speaks with  Gilad Atzmon about the barbaric, abusive and unhygienic  Jewish circumcision.  

Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3


11. Paul Eisen in conversation with Gilad Atzmon

A very interesting informal and rather personal exchange between Eisen & Atzmon touching the most sensitive topics. I learned a lot from this exchange and I am sure that the followers of this site will be fascinated.

Part 1

Part 2

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity politics and Jewish Power in particular - available on  &


12. Concerts, Talks and Controversy in June + Jazz School in August


1 Gilad Atzmon @ Shetland Islands Jazz Festival

3 With Clive Fener Trio @ Tommy Flynn's London E11 3AA.

6 Gilad Atzmon & The OHE + pre gig  talk Vortex, London

7 Gilad Atzmon & The OHE Vortex, London

8 Book event and a concert Parco del Bersagliere, Via per Como, Italy

9-12 TV Engagements and book related events in Vichy &  Paris, France

13  Gilad Atzmon & The OHE , Verdict Brighton

15 Gilad Atzmon Plays the music of Phil Woods with The Denmark Street Big Band, Pizza Express, London  

19 Frank Harrison & Gilad Atzmon The Sound Cellar , Poole

20 With the Blockheads, Macclesfield Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield

21  With the Blockheads,  Willowman Festival, Knayton, North Yorkshir

24 With Norman Watt Roy,  Half Moon, Putney, London

26 With Norman Watt Roy Guernsey

27 Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble, Southend

29 With Norman Watt Roy, Reading Blues Festival, Reading

Don't Miss: International Jazzworkshop: Concerts from 08 - 14 august 2014

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