Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The ETs just ready to size power.

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Date: Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 7:29 PM
Subject: Are he ETs ready to size power?

Now the Tea Party should be called the ET Party.
In fact manipulative extraterrestrials are into the Extraterrestrial-Military-Industrial-Republican-Tea Party-Complex. (E.M.I.R.T.P.C.)

Reliable sources told us that a republican victory in November will be the first step in the agenda of total domination by the EET. (Evil Extraterrestrials)
Expert Retro-speech analysts are convinced that the Republican Candidates are just puppets of the E.M.I.R.T.P.C.
Our sources are skeptic about the possibilities of what they called the Friendly Extraterrestrials, F.E.T. "voluntarily " represented by the P.C. or "pink" contactees, also known as S.C. (saccharine contactees.)
In the words of a veteran operative, indirectly the S.C. work for the enemy, since there are no Good Aliens in the game. The presumed good aliens do not care much about us.

Sources from Great Britain believe that this situation is directly related to the Close Encounters of Tall Whites described by witnesses in detail.
In London there were some UFO sightings usually after midnight, most of them "fastwalkers".
A British researcher believes that the presence in the skies of these fast, small crafts, can be seen when the Aliens have a very active agenda and short time. 
If possible, we will keep you informed about future developments.

Friends of Freedom