Saturday, September 29, 2012

More time-jump whistleblowers.

The problem with the new time-jump whistleblowers.

The problem with the new whistleblowers who confirm Andy Basiago Time-Space-Jumping story.
In  circulum fallacy again.
Let me explain:
Question: Tell me Mr X. how do I know that you are telling me the truth?
Mr. X : Oh Sir, that’s easy. Just ask Mr. Z. He will tell you that I am telling the truth.
Question: But Mr. X, how do I know if Mr. Z is honest and truthful?
Mr. X: Because I assure you that Mr. Z is honest and sincere.
The whole thing is absurd. Mr. X tells us that Mr. Z is truthful and Mr.Z assures us that Mr. X is telling the truth. The testimonies are invalid.
Now, each time that Alfred Webre presents a new time-jumper, he tells us that the new whistleblower will confirm the authenticity of Basiago testimony. If we as Webre how do we know that the new whistleblower and time-jumper tells the truth, he will point Andy Basiago as whiteness.  
Besides, sooner or later, the Time-jumping meme will attract new whistleblowers and creators of this meme will lose control of the whole thing.
Read below:

As seen on MSNBC, Wall Street Journal and USA Today websites. Preview version of PUBLIC SEMINAR: "Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA Jump Room program, including Barack Obama's participation (1980-83)" with Andrew D. Basiago and Bernard Mendez. Alfred Lambremont Webre (Moderator). This is the Preview of the Live Seminar portion of the ExoUniversity Forum "The Jump Room: Three participants discuss the CIA's teleportation program of the 1980s" with Andrew D. Basiago, Bernard Mendez, and other time-jumpers.