Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fwd: Richard Boylan: kids and adults involved in dark witchcraft

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From: Ralph Levi <>
Date: Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 8:48 PM
Subject: Richard Boylan: kids and adults involved in dark witchcraft
To: James Black 

In a new twist of insanity, the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth Richard Boylan invites his friends, including children, ( the so called star-seeds,) to practice psychic attacks against several personalities who, in the words of this man, belong to the imaginary cabal;  some kind of planetary secret government that Boylan uses as scapegoat to justify his errors and wrongdoings.


1) First of all, he incurs in a dangerous magical situation. He gives 'targets" with names to inexpert and innocent children and adults.

2) Worst, the attack is directed against a presumed "cabal", and this creates a second dangerous astral situation: Wrong identification of the "target".

3) More important: To believe that kings and billionaires have no permanent psychic protection is totally naïve. Those who want to "play this dangerous game" should be ready for powerful backlashes.

4) Needless is to say that none of those presumed participants of the psychic attacks has enough experience to confront these counterattacks.

Conclusion: Do not follow the dangerous absurdities of this man.


Here are the words of Boylan:


"What if we ratchet that up a notch, a big notch, and begin a "Cut Off the Head of the Cabal" approach?   That is starting from the top!    Psychically disempowering the Cabal king-pins, one by one.

    Who are the Cabal's top plutocratic king-pins?   

     In the Cabal's American Wing: David Rockefeller (Sr.) and David Rockefeller, Jr. (the heir apparent); 
     In the Cabal's European Wing:

        - British Branch: Lord Jacob Rothschild;  and Queen Elizabeth of UK;

        - Anglo-French Branch: David Rene de Rothschild;

        - the Liechtenstein-Swiss Branch: Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein and his brother Prince Alois 

          zu Liechtenstein; and,  

        - Dutch Branch:  Queen Beatrix of Netherlands;

        In the Cabal's Mexican-Latin American Wing:  Carlos Slim Hel, Forbes magazine's "the world's richest  


    There are of course numerous additional Cabal plutocrats. But these are the prime movers."



Remain out of this Black Magic practice.

This is our sincere advice

Frat. Initium

Sorcerers League


ipsa scientia potestas est