Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NEW VICTIM OF DR.RICHARD (HOT TUBE) Boylan. AKA Councilor of Earth

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Subject: [UFO Tabloid] NEW VICTIM OF DR.RICHARD (HOT TUBE) Boylan. AKA Councilor of Earth
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Mustang Hearts has left a new comment on your post "DR. Richard (Hot Tube) Boylan and his Scapegoat.":

I've had a passing but negligible interest in UFO-ology and science fiction and while surfing the other day happened on Boylan's "UFOFacts" website which seemed pretty far-fetched. Out of sheer curiosity I requested an invite to join the UFOFacts yahoo group. OMG, the terms of membership were my first red flag, they reeked of control issues as well as paranoia and secrecy (I always am careful when anyone overuses the word "cloaked"); then my invite was rejected with the following email - I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, and of course had to forward it to all my friends who are laughing as hard as I did! Here it is verbatim RFLMAO:

Cabal she-male "Debbie",

I do not communicate with, nor provide information to, persons whose
energy signature indicates that they are operating on the dark side. As your
energy signature indicates is the case with you.
I have now placed you on my Blocked Senders list, so any further
attempts to email me will be wasted effort.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.