Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No ascension at all in 2012.

Please do not sell your house and give the money to gurus, pseudo-scientists and charlatans.
There will be NO ASCENSION AT ALL in 2012. 
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Let's see:

1300–50; Middle English ascencioun  (< Anglo-French ) <Latin ascēnsiōn-  (stem of ascēnsiō ), equivalent to ascēns (us ) risen up (past participle of ascendere,  equivalent toascend-  climb up ( see ascend) + -tus  past participlesuffix) + -iōn- -ion

But if there is ascension we need two basic places. First where we are NOW, and of course a second place ABOVE.
Since nobody defines where is that higher place where to go, I'm afraid that the presumed ascension has no value at all.

In other words you can meet me downstairs as usual.