Sunday, April 24, 2011

Richard Boylan is always wrong.

Appalachian Earthquake?

Don’t worry about this prediction.
The Councilor of Earth is ALWAYS wrong, as you all know.

By the way, where is Wendy?
Where is Asheoma?
What’s going on with the Altimarians?
Where is the clean environment?
What about the Star Nations aerial show to “force” the disclosure?
What happened with the promised workshop with Star Nations leaders?

The self proclaimed Councilor of Earth is ALWAYS wrong.
Now, if the Appalachian event doesn’t happen, Fran was wrong OR he will tell you that the Star Nations stop the Quakes.

A model of duplicity.

The foreseen Great Quakes along the Appalachian Mountains starting Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 5-6-7) were told by Estican (Mantoid) Star Person-Incarnate Human Fran, a member of this UFOFacts Group.
Her information in the past has shown to be quite reliable, and Star Nations frequently uses her to pass on information from them for lightworkers or the public in general.
Which means the public on the U.S. East Coast in the region near the Appalachians needs to make the kind of preparations one makes for a very large earthquake.
For example FEMA has information at:
You ask what can one do with people who will not believe such a prediction? The Universal Law of Free Will must be respected. Some people in this life journey have to learn through the School of Hard Knocks.
And they will learn by September 8th.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.