Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anti-Obama Memes infect the Exopolitical Rhetoric

The exopolitician Alfred Webre writes in the Examiner that President Barak Obama is a “CIA asset”, and his family always had close contacts with the Central Intelligence Agency.
Obama also becomes a manipulator of documents like his Social Security, and it is possible that the exos will soon go into the meme of Obama birth certificate.
This amazing twist teaches us a lot: The anti-Obama memes created by the extreme right infect the Exopolitical rhetoric, and this aggression against President Obama, turns down the whole mythology of the disclosure.
 (Rush Limbaugh would love this.)
But read this Examiner article, because you will learn that even Bassiago, the time traveling lawyer who found civilized life in Mars, is also an expert in the CIA connections of the Obama family.
In the day of President Obama’s electoral victory, this same people saw millions of spherical brilliant balls in the air, showing that the aliens were happy with the new President.