Sunday, March 13, 2011

Conspiracy Theory: Reactionary Ideology

Dear friends let me share with you some thoughts. Agreements are fine and so are disagreements.  Those who disagree with me are NOT cabals, psyop, or agents of darkness.
The UFO=ET mythology, is based in two premises: The aliens are here to help us, and the authorities are puppets in the hands of a Cabal, or a Shadow Government which imposes a total closure of the ET presence.
Masonry, Illuminati, Protocols, Satan, or anything else you want to incorporate Conspiracy Bag it’s OK. T
What is important now is to find the ideological consequences of this Memes.
First of all, the idea of Advanced Extraterrestrials that guide us or punish us;  e.g. the “Quarantine” that was imposed to us, Humans, by the Big Cosmic Brothers, according with the Exopolitician Alfred Webre
These new “gods” for some reason have the right to do with us what they want; therefore, we Humans are limited to a passive recognition of this galactic superiority.
Ideologically this means that we should obey our saviors and punishers. We must, in this new Middle Age, to recognize our inferiority and comply with the will of the Aliens. Of course, these ETs do not believe that they need our permission to be here in our planet. Some fantasists like Richard Boylan, also say that we are just genetic creatures of the good and wise Star Nations.They look like Colonizers, right?
Now, against the recognition of these always invisible Big Cosmic Brothers and their human prophets, we have the total secret imposed to the world by the Cabal, the Secret Government.
But who is in control of this, our tragic world? It’s no secret at all. The control is imposed by the multinational corporations. Not by secret Illuminati, but by those who have the Money.
The imaginary cabal conceals the true nature of this corporatist power, which is our real enemy and deny our real objectives of freedom and liberation.
While we point to some mysterious secret sects, the owners of the Big Money exploit us without giving a single second of their thoughts to UFO and Ufonauts.

That is why these memes, the Big Cosmic Brothers and the Secret Government, represent a reactionary and dehumanizing ideology.