Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anonymous Sources: Boylan is cabalist


Reliable sources connected with secret ufological investigations, gave us the following perspective, and we think that this information deserves consideration.

“Dr. Richard Boylan, apparently nominated Councilor of Earth by the Star Nations ETs , is nevertheless the best propagandist of the Shadow Government known as the Cabal.  
His rhetoric permanently describes the immense power of the resources, weapons and technology of this cabal, and in addition, the cabal victories over the vulnerable alien crafts.
On the other hand, reading Boylan’s dramatic announces of Star Nations massive shows that never happen, is easy to think that these Aliens are unreliable and even afraid of the cabal.
As a result, the “Councilor of Earth” is in fact the best friend of the cabal, and perhaps a cabal himself.”

Anyone familiarized with Boylan’s discourse, will agree that this idea is coherent and possible.”