Saturday, October 30, 2010

Problems confronted by UFO-ETs Mythologists.

These are the basic problems confronted by UFO-ETs Mythologists.

1) Nothing is going on.
2) Nothing Happens Situation.

Consequently, the EXO mythologists and UFO profiteers strategies to impose their Mythology are very limited:

They must convince their clients that something is going on when nothing is going on, and that something happens when the truth is that nothing happens at all.

This is not easy, because the self proclaimed contactees need to populate our normal, rational world with non-existences.

Then, balloons become alien crafts and the world is populated by weird "aliens". Those who insist that balloons are just balloons and that there are no evidences of aliens here, automatically become Cabals, CIA operatives and Agents of Darkness.

Also, since the EXO mythologists have absolutely no evidence of what they say, any doubt is forbidden. Legitimate doubts are Cabalism, conspiracy, black operations and crimes against the "light".

However, this constant denial of the obvious is not easy: Isolation, lack of self-esteem and even insanity are the heavy prices to pay.


Tomas Scolarici