Friday, October 22, 2010

Monday to Friday BOREDOM.

Want to share with you some ideas...

Imagine that the craziest, boldest Exo-fantasist "announces" the massive arrival of the space-nations and the final disclosure and recognition of the ETs.
He gives date and time, like the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth did in his group UFOfacts.
Now, this announcement happens on Wednesday.
In this case, a few true-believers show their enthusiasm and firm convictions that the ETs landing and gov. recognition is a fact.
Why? Because it's Wednesday.
Two days latter, the weekend will put a stop to all this quasi-religious ecstasies.
Amazing but true.
On Saturday and Sunday the believers will just have other things to do in the real world.
(Shopping, Movies, etc.) UFO virtual world is just forgotten.
But, don't worry, because their virtual activities will begin again on Monday (if it's not a long weekend.) After the weekend, self-delusion, hope, faith in the Exo-nonsense, will help to fight BOREDOM.

Fraternally, in TRUTH we TRUST.

Tomas Scolarici