Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ahdut position paper about the Palestinian struggle

Ahdut position paper about the Palestinian struggle - Anarkismo

"We do not share the illusion of some sections of the Palestinian and Israeli toiling masses that in the present sorry situation the ‘two-state solution’ must be accepted. Partition of Palestine into two states has been promoted for about a hundred years by world powers including Britain, France, the US and the USSR. This is part of their general meddling in the Middle East, which has condemned it to an impasse, to despotic regimes, to ethnic and religious hostility and warfare, stymieing the economic and political development craved by the region’s inhabitants. Establishing a Palestinian state, whether it will be allocated 15% or 25% of the territory of British-mandate Palestine, will not resolve the fundamental problems of the country, and will certainly not ‘terminate the conflict’: at best it will be a compromise settlement between the Israeli capitalist elite and the collaborator regime of the Palestinian Authority; local agents will acquire a franchise for directly oppressing and exploiting the Palestinian population for their own benefit and for the benefit of foreign interests. "