Friday, May 16, 2014


Yisrael: Atid Mutal Besafek ‏(Israel: A Future in Doubt‏) by Richard Laub and Olivier Boruchowitch. Resling, 202 pages, NIS 80
‏(Originally published in French, in 2010, as “Israel: Un Avenir Compromis”‏)

This book is a “must-read,” at a time when numerous warnings and even apocalyptic predictions about the multiple divisions confronting Israeli society are being sounded. Richard Laub and Olivier Boruchowitch offer us a lucid and meticulous evaluation of Israel’s chances of surviving as a national entity in the medium term − that is, over the next decade or two. Without concealing their regard both for Israel and for the Palestinian aspiration to statehood, Laub and Boruchowitch − the former a U.S.-based international business consultant, the latter a French journalist and philosopher − analyze, with exemplary balance, the factors that will determine the survival of Israel and Zionist ideology.
Certainly, not a few people think that Israel is already on the verge of collapse, as the mission of gathering the majority of the Jewish people in Israel − the very essence of Zionism − is losing ground. For one, the chances of Jewish mass migration from stable countries are  p0or.