Friday, April 20, 2012

UFO-ET Memes in the Society of the Spectacle.

The strength of a Meme depends on several elements, one
of them, perhaps the most important is, in Dawkins’ mimetic, the copying-fidelity:
Fidelity to the original will preserve the initial
pattern after several rounds of copying. If a painting is reproduced by making
photocopies from photocopies, the underlying pattern will quickly become
We think that if it’s true that the Internet is an
excellent vehicle of memes incubation and “infection”, it is also true that in
Cyberspace, Memes lose their original structure and become lost in chaotic
galaxies of Memes that in the end become self-destructive or will immunize the
The UFO-ET. Meme is in fact a chaotic galaxy of memes
that become meaningless and self-destructive. Why? Just because nobody can keep
the original model pure.
The UFO-ET meme becomes spectacle and commodity, and this brings competence between
different profiteers. These conflicts are frequently violent and aggressive. (My UFO-ET meme is better than
are a psyop and I am the Councilor of Earth..!)
So, the UFO-ET meme is a mutant self-replicating system
but there is never one kind of Extraterrestrials. The Aliens become unlimited. The
mythologists’ imagination brings into existence hundreds or even thousands of
extraterrestrial races “visiting us”.
Each exopolitician or UFO-ET mythologist will create
his/her own kind of hypothetical Beings. Good, Bad, Ugly, Beautiful; and of
course, these have different agendas.
But there is more. The survival of the UFO-ET meme
requires an auxiliary meme: the Government Conspiracy, the Cover-Up to keep the
UFO-ET secret. (A new Meme)
Again, the Conspiracy meme will grow and multiply and
also mutate. It will grow into a chaotic galaxy of memes. The Conspiracy Meme
will mutate into a universal conspiracy, and everybody in the UFO-ET community
will invent his/her own Conspiratorial scheme.
There is however, a price to pay. True believers will
become immunized or join some of the UFO Sects. As a result, the whole system
or memes will become contradictory, totally unreliable and in the end, chaotic
and self-destructive. 
The total lack of evidences will force the Exo-gurus to
become cultists, demanding from the true-believers Faith, and not Reason.
The “extraterrestrials” will become angels or gods,
giving birth to Religious Memes with dogmas, mysteries and pontificates. This,
of course, will be a new and unpredictable mutation. 
The original ufo-et meme is now a complex, incongruous galaxy
of Memes, constantly growing but this complexity makes the UFO= ET meme more
and more weak and unreliable, because the   copying-fidelity is lost.  

Tomas Scolarici