Saturday, November 13, 2010

On the UFO Phenomenon.

*Those unidentified flying objects that remain UNIDENTIFIED and challenge any natural definition, are not a new phenomenon.
*These Entities are with us from the beginning of our historical times, and perhaps before.
*The extraterrestrial hypothesis is not satisfactory at all.
*The UFO phenomenon is not a threat to our security.
*The same phenomenon neither was a threat for the Sumerians or
Romans, or Indians.
*The phenomenon COEXISTS with us, humans.
*The time travelers hypothesis about UFO, is better than the extraterrestrial one, but in no way answers all our questions.
*It's possible that the complexity of the UFO phenomenon makes it impossible any understanding.
* The UFO phenomenon is with us, was with our ancestors and will be in the future without changes. These Entities have no need, or are not interested, or cannot openly contact us.
* Last but not least, nobody knows what the UFO phenomenon is, and probably we will never know more.
* There is no such thing as a cover-up, and the authorities know as little about the nature of the UFO phenomenon as ourselves.
* They learned however that the UFO phenomenon is not a threat for our Security.

Tomas Scolarici AKA James Black