Monday, September 6, 2010

Exopoliticians recognize that ET. Existence is HYPOTHETICAL

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In the message included below, honest exopoliticians tell the TRUTH, but not the WHOLE TRUTH. Let's see.

The educational programs in galactic diplomacy, (whatever this means,) are based, they write, in the EXTRATERRESTRIAL HYPOTHESIS.

This is TRUE. The existence of extraterrestrials is nothing but an hypothesis. Consequently, the whole exopolitical "corpus" is hypothetic, including the so called DISCLOSURE.

Obviously, is contradictory to demand a disclosure or to teach Galactic Diplomacy, if alien existence is hypothetical. (and it is hypothetical of course.)

The honest recognition of the ET existence as a mere hypothesis shows the futility of any presumed teaching of Galactic Diplomacy..!(sic)

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Exopolitics Institute

M e d i a R e l e a s e


Fall Semester Courses for Exopolitics Certification Program Start on September 13, 2010

[September 6, 2010 - Kona, Hawaii] The Exopolitics Institute is proud to announce that classes begin on September 13 for a number of educational programs designed for those interested in developing professional qualifications in exopolitics; and/or acquiring analytical tools, research methods and investigative techniques for evidence concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Our experienced faculty of educators and trainers collectively offer decades of experience in the teaching profession and in researching extraterrestrial life; and offer you the opportunity to apply exopolitics in a number of unique areas.

Classes offered for the Fall 2010 Semester are:

Exo 107 - The Science, Spirituality and Politics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Course Instructor, Michael E. Salla, PhD

Exo 108 - The Role of Hollywood and the Media in the Disclosure Process, Course Instructor, Paola Harris, M.Ed.

For full 2010 schedule please visit:

Some comments from students completing earlier courses.

This course is the ultimate in understanding the nature of Ets. One gains perspectives of the immenseness of the universe, the invisible medium and how the templates of ET life may fit within this multiversity. Ones own sense of self importance is brought to measure and a spiritual uplifting seems to adjunct the students as they deal with the notion of how advanced galactic life is, socially, technologically and politically.
Neil Gould, Hong Kong, Exo-107 - Fall, 2009

I could not have run into anything better than this course, for handing me a fantastic shortcut to the most valuable info & resources currently available on the ET related subject.
Frank, Belgium - Exo-101- Spring, 2009

I wish that every person on the world could have the privilege of following this course. It’s a gift that will always be with me and I will need all I have learned very soon.
Anissa, Switzerland- Exo-101 - Spring 2009

I really feel I was given a substantial overview of the available material. I also thought the instructor was very competent, knowledgeable and responsive.
Dr Bernice, USA - Exo-101 Spring 2009

Fasten your seat belts, put on your crash helmets and prepare for an amazing journey into the past, the present and the future.
Douglas McClure, South Africa - Exo-108 - Fall, 2008

For more student comments on past courses - click here

Whether you plan to be or are a journalist, a diplomat, educator, artist, scientist, historian, researcher, lawyer, policy maker, or health, government, religious, or business professional, you will find a suitable way of incorporating evidence concerning extraterrestrial life into your chosen profession.

The certification program offers a three-tiered system of courses and seminars that each culminate in an Exopolitics certificate or diploma.

a. Exopolitics Certificate - Entry level certification provides the core conceptual understanding so you have basic competency in writing about, researching or investigating exopolitical issues.

b.. Galactic Diplomacy Certificate - Second level of certification provides both the conceptual skills and diplomatic training so you can practice citizen diplomacy in extraterrestrial affairs.

c.. Exopolitics Diploma - Third level certification designed for those intending to teach or train others in exopolitics.

These three certification programs are competitively priced and provide you the opportunity to learn and practice exopolitics in a way that is suited to your interests and career. With a minimal investment of time and energy, you could soon be on the way to acquiring the skills and training to set you off to a path that will establish you as an exopolitical pioneer in your respective fields.

Explore our certification program then register for the certificate program that will open your path to exopolitical knowledge and training. See the following video for comments about Exopolitics from some of the course instructors and graduates.


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