Friday, June 19, 2009

Danger: Exopolitics becoming Fascism

The cum hoc fallacy is committed when it is assumed that because two things occur together, they must be causally related. This, however, does not follow; correlation is possible without causation. Variations of this fallacy fed most of the Conspiracy Theories. Let us see a sample of the cum hoc fallacy at work in the following post :Dr. Salla writes:

Thanks Steve for pointing out the following ritual aspect. "The murder of JFK in Dealy Plaza at the site of the Masonic Temple, at the 33 parallel, was a ritual blood sacrifice, carried out by thesesame secret societies."
It's also worth mentioning that the man who carried out the assassination directive was James JESUS Angleton - another item to add to the ritual blood sacrifice hypothesis.

In a Goebbels style, the murder of JFK becomes a masonic crime. However, a man named Jesus carries out the assasination directive. Crude and absurd, dangerous and pathological, the paranoid scenario is planted in the Internet with total disregard of TRUTH, REASON and PRUDENCE.

Looks like Exopolitics is becoming Fascism.