Monday, September 21, 2009

Basiago, Martians and Exopolitics as Disinformation.

If we read carefully any text, we will find that a simple word or the lack of it, changes totally our perception and understanding.

Let me show you something.

As we all know, Andrew Basiago, a lawyer and amateur scientist, proclaimed the discovery of Intelligent Life in Mars. How? Just watching some photos of Mars and seeing cities, roads and people in the red planet. Of course, NASA denied this and the whole story looks like a conflict between NASA and Basiago, just a local, perhaps controllable conflict.

However we are reading wrong.

IF Basiago is right, and there is people in Mars, THEN, the whole world scientific community  is telling lies in what looks like the biggest conspiracy of all times.

Hundreds of thousands of astronomers, astrophysics, Universities, Observatories, including the Hubble are keeping the secret.

But to keep such secret, some kind of universal shadow government would be necessary.

The cost of the cover-up would be incalculable and the Shadow International Regime should keep thousands of Scientifics in subterranean concentration camps or just kill them.

All this monstrous repressive system to keep us in the Ignorance about life in Mars.?

Of course any normal person knows that this is impossible. To imply that hundreds of thousands of scientists, journalists, students, are forced to keep their mouth shut is the greatest absurdity of all times.

Basiago and Webre are just silly people believing these stupidities? NO.

The total absurdity of what they say is planted to make the whole UFO mystery ridiculed and derided.

The Basiago "discovery "of Intelligent Life in Mars is nothing but DISINFORMATION.

Alfred Webre wrote in the Examiner about Basiago, and about two journalists who were "teleported" to Mars.

Just do some Google. Look at the academic and professional background of Webre and tell me if it is possible for him to believe seriously in what he is writing.


James Black